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Under the direction of your cedit repair service, Boost Credit 101 created a way for you to boost your credit score in as little as 14 days, sometimes even less! Our unique perspective will allow our Credit Managers to personalize your package to fit your specified circumstance and this preliminary assessment is at no cost and without any obligation.


Here are some of the most common reasons so many people use our services:

  • To qualify for a loan so you can drive the car you deserve

  • To qualify for a mortgage so you can live in your own home

  • To qualify for a credit card, especially if you've never had credit

  • Getting a great credit card with 0% APR and a high limit

  • Renting a luxury apartment

  • Establishing business credit

  • Qualifying for a cell phone or satellite TV

  • Co-signing for a loved one

  • Refinancing your existing loans to lower your interest and monthly payments

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How It Works



Select one of our two personalized program options to repair your credit rating. Set yourself free today with our service.



We will incorporate your TransUnion and Equifax and assist you through acquiring your Experian report to give us a clear picture.



We talk about the report with you in detail and discuss your questionable credit reports items. We stand with you.



You sit back and relax and watch the results as your credit is improved step by step at a time.

One of our seasoned Credit Managers will review your credit report and your goals and create options that are most suitable for your situation. They will contact you with your credit analysis within 1-2 business days of receiving your credit report(s).

You will be able to decide which of the suggested options makes the most sense to you and proceed to purchase that option. Your credit analysis is provided free of charge and there is no obligation to purchase.

Once we receive payment we will right away get to work by adding seasoned tradelines with perfect payment history and perfect utilization to your credit file. This will jump your credit score by your expected amount and allow you to complete your financial goals!

As you can see, this process is simple and will work for you. Whether you're trying to buy a home, a car, or some other need; perhaps refinance an existing loan; or simply to establish your credit so that you can be approved for your first credit card, we will be able to help you. With years of experience we have had many customers with many different kinds of needs and we have been able to help them. We guarantee this or your money back! (You can verify with our perfect BBB record that we keep our word.)

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If you are reading this page it means that you need to improve your credit rating, Set yourself free today.

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